Coal Harbour – Vancouver’s Most Prestigious Neighbourhood

Coal Harbour Marina, Vancouver, BC

Coal Harbour is Vancouver’s newest waterfront community and one of the most desirable neighbourhoods for renting in Vancouver. Situated just west of the downtown core, Coal Harbour stretches along the waterfront from Canada Place to Stanley Park. Upscale residential and commercial enterprises blend in seamlessly with green spaces, a backdrop of white-capped mountains and evergreen trees, and seaplanes coasting in and out of the marina.

Just 15 years ago, present day Coal Harbour consisted of railway yards, parking lots, marinas, and float plane terminals. Over a decade of redevelopment has transformed Coal Harbour into one of the best neighbourhoods for renting or investing in Vancouver. From the edge of downtown to Stanley Park, the public spaces that comprise Coal Harbour are essentially one long seaside promenade that connects to the Stanley Park Seawall.


Coal Harbour Art Park, Vancouver, BCPlenty of dedicated parkland and green spaces feature fountains and public art, which is a big part of the reason why Coal Harbour is such a stunning area of Vancouver. The water’s edge is lined with benches, rest stops, and grass for picnics, as well as designated paths for walking, cycling, and rollerblading. Along the seawall promenade, you can also enjoy a delicious meal at one of the gourmet restaurants, or savour an afternoon tea at an intimate cafe.

Coal Harbour Buildings, Vancouver, BC


Most of the buildings in Coal Harbour have been built within the last decade and have a modern, futuristic flavour. The architects have taken the natural surroundings into account in the creation of these unique architectural designs. This is a big part of the reason Coal Harbour has become one of the most desirable neighbourhoods for renting in Vancouver, and also a great real estate investment.

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