Furnished or Unfurnished? – From a Renter’s Perspective


Are you considering an unfurnished suite or is the easiest option just to rent it furnished? You may already have a good idea of what you are looking for in your rental. Maybe the bottom line is you have furniture or you don’t. In this blog, we will share a few things you may not know about renting that may sway your decision either way!

Renting furnished is somewhat effortless. Your new home will be ready to go, the only thing you need is to bring your suitcase! A furnished rental comes fully prepped right down to the basics: linens, dishware, kitchen utensils (all those little details you don’t want to think about). Most furnished rentals include utilities, internet and quite often, cable. What a breeze! This gives you time to focus your search on the important things that have an impact on your final decision, such as: Do you want a condo or home? Is the property pet-friendly? Is the neighbourhood right for you? Check out our Hood Guides to get the rundown on Toronto and Vancouver neighbourhoods!

Although a furnished suite may cost more per month than its unfurnished counterpart, let’s consider the initial expenditure of buying furniture and accessories. Is it worth spending a little more every month to include furniture, internet and utilities? If your stay is short term or fixed term, then absolutely! This is where budget, length of stay and convenience come into play.

On the flip-side, buying your own furniture could be considered more of an investment. This will certainly work in your favour if you are looking for a long-term rental. Eventually, the money you save on your rent every month will pay your investment. Already own your furniture? Perfect! You probably already know the groove. The benefit of creating a home styled to your taste is amazing, especially if you have a certain expectation of how you want your residence to be. If you are new to this and are considering this investment, you should consider the complexities that concern moving your belongings, sometimes repeatedly. This can be added stress. You will also have to organize and pay for your utilities, internet and cable as these are not typically included in unfurnished rentals. On the plus, you have control and full ownership of your utility accounts, meaning you can tweak and customize wherever you feel necessary.

We hope this helps you have a better vision of what you are looking for! Once you do, we are here to make your renting experience so much easier. Search amongst the 1700+ stunning furnished and unfurnished rentals at rentitfurnished.com and if any property interests you, we make it simple. Click the Inquire Now button and one of our friendly Leasing Agents will be available to help you find your next luxury rental.

Written by Kirsti Heitz