Meet Our Property Manager, Lindsay Fraser

Property Manager, Lindsay Fraser

Lindsay Fraser brings a wealth of passion and expertise to her position as a Property Manager at Rent it Furnished Realty. She has dreamt of working in housing and real estate since childhood and feels fortunate to have a job that is both her passion and her hobby. As she puts it: “I have the best of both worlds in this job. It doesn’t feel like work to me because I love helping people and viewing all the beautiful homes. I couldn’t have found a better job with better colleagues.”

Lindsay has always been fascinated by real estate because the concept of “home” is very important to her. As a child and teenager, she would visit her friends’ houses and ask them questions such as, “What’s the square footage?” and “Where does this room go?” She also had a habit of turning on the real estate channel in Kelowna (where she grew up) and listening to the descriptions of the houses for sale in order to guess what they were selling for. Her guesses were always within a few thousand dollars of the listing price. In 2003, Lindsay’s childhood home burned down in the Okanagan Mountain Park forest fire, which was devastating for her and her family.

Prior to becoming a Property Manager at Rent it Furnished Realty, Lindsay worked as an Aboriginal Support Worker for the Langley School District, supporting students academically, emotionally, and culturally. During this time, she enrolled in the Business Administration program and obtained a Diploma in Marketing, later going on to study both the Real Estate Trading Services and Property Management courses. In June 2010, she began working at Rent it Furnished Realty. “It was a complete change to go from working with elementary school students to working with owners and tenants of multi-million dollar homes,” she says. “But it has been very exciting.” What she loves most about the job is watching a plan turn into a successful tenancy. “I love it when all of the coordination comes together and my clients are both happy. It’s so important to have a home you feel comfortable in, and I believe in the quality of all the suites we have listed.” Lindsay feels that the best neighbourhood for renting in Vancouver is her own. She and her husband Greg recently moved to Yaletown and they both think it is an ideal place to live. She points out: “We have restaurants, nightlife, a puppy park nearby for our dog, Chewy, and all the retailers are really accommodating to pets. It’s a fun place to be and I couldn’t be happier.” Living downtown also enables her to better understand and explain the different neighbourhoods to prospective clients.

Lindsay has lived and traveled all over the world. She spent the first few years of her life in Sudan, Madagascar, and Majorca before moving to Kelowna, where she grew up. When she was 14 years old, she went to Chile for a month, and has also traveled to New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand as an adult. As a result of these experiences, she can easily relate to many different cultures. Lindsay also loves to spend time with family, dance, and play the piano. She recently received an Essex Steinway & Sons piano as a wedding gift and looks forward to starting her piano lessons and playing more often in her Yaletown townhouse.

Contact Lindsay for more information on listing or renting a Vancouver furnished rental.