Pet-Friendly Places to Live in Vancouver

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a big part of the population of Vancouver are also dog owners. Cafes and restaurants are very accustomed to having dogs around by their outdoor seating areas, and there are plenty of large parks and miles of trails in and around the city. From False Creek to the North Shore Mountains, you will often find people with dogs and there are even designated beaches for dogs; a lot of them off-leash, as well as numerous off-leash parks. Vancouver is always in the Top 3 for ‘most dog-friendly cities in North America’. (See ‘pet-friendly Vancouver’.)Two Dogs Running

However, finding an apartment that is dog-friendly can be more of a challenge. When you own a small dog, you will be able to easily find suites in trendy neighbourhoods such as Yaletown, Coal Harbour or the Financial District. Quite often, the landlord will ask to pay a ‘pet-damage deposit’ that cannot be more than half a month’s rent. Having a larger dog, you will likely want a place that is close to a park or a forest. Ideally, the apartment will also have access to a yard space so your dog will be able to go outside while you are at work or out running errands. Places like that are extremely rare in downtown Vancouver, but they can be found outside of the city core. Neighbourhoods like Kitsilano, Killarney, Arbutus Ridge, Kensington, Commercial Drive and also Fairview usually have a higher number of dog owners, due to the slightly larger-sized apartments and outdoor possibilities. However, in Vancouver overall, there really is a large inventory of apartment rentals available in comparison to other cities around the world.

If you’re interested in renting a pet-friendly Vancouver apartment, house or townhouse, please feel free to contact Rent it Furnished to find out what listings we currently have open in your preferred neighbourhood.