Property Management in Toronto


Our property management division in Toronto launched in 2017 due to an overwhelming demand from our clients. Being Canada’s largest city, and an international hub at that, Toronto has a lot of absentee owners who require experienced professionals to look after their investments.

Now Property Manager Nicole Nusca, and Division Manager Vera Sal, supported by our seasoned leasing team, oversee an exclusive inventory of properties across the city. But it’s not just our dynamic duo that has clients coming back year on year. It’s also that we do things a little differently here at Rent it Furnished, which sets up apart from other property management providers in Toronto.


We deal with furnished or unfurnished rentals

First of all, we are renowned for managing luxury properties, be it furnished or unfurnished, or rented on a short-term lease or a long-term lease. This differs to majority of property management companies in Toronto, many of which are not able to manage the demands of short-term and luxury furnished rentals.

We fully comply with the regulatory standards

Secondly, we operate strictly within the guidelines put in place by the Real Estate Council, even if our industry is not regulated in Ontario.

“Many investors and renters do not realise that there is no governing body for property management companies in our province and some common but questionable practices can result in big issues”, says Rent it Furnished founder, Erika Weimer.

“Our Toronto office operates under the same guidelines and regulatory practices as our headquarters in Vancouver, BC, where RIF is fully licensed in property management and real estate trading. Rent it Furnished has strict operational practices that are put in place to protect the public, and even if we don’t have to enforce these practices in Ontario, we choose to do so to uphold the highest standards company-wide”, says Erika.

By abiding by the same rules and regulations, and by following the same protocols, our clients can rest assured that their investments are treated with the same care in all our locations.

In charge of enforcing company-wide compliance is Vera Sal, Division Manager of Property Management Services at RIF. “Continuity means that everything we do meets the same standards. Staff in all locations receive company standardized training in addition to the education and location-specific experience that is required of our agents”, says Vera. “We are extremely proud of these standards, and our training.”

We have a comprehensive offering

Thirdly, we have a dedicated property management team. It’s not just something we do on the side, which has previously been common practice for some realtors.

The sole purpose of our property management team is to care for our client’s suite, the tenant and its financial performance. This offers complete peace of mind to property owners, who can rest assured that we are on-hand to manage everything – from move-in inspections to handling midnight emergencies.

Rentals is what we specialize in. What makes Rent it Furnished even more unique is that along with a property management team, we also have a specialist leasing team, marketing team, accounting team…and so the list goes on. These teams work together, drawing upon each other’s knowledge and expertise when required.

We know that one person is not always best at all things, so we divide our tasks accordingly. Our leasing agents will advise on the correct market price and find you a suitable tenant. Our marketing team will ensure the property looks fantastic online and is promoted through social channels. Once a tenant is in place, our property managers are on call 24/7 for emergencies, while our accounting team will keep all the financial matters in order.

“Everyone plays to their strengths and we all play together as a cohesive team” says Vera Sal, when recently interviewed at our Toronto Office.

We love what we do

Last but not least, we love what we do. As Property Manager Nicole Nusca explains:

“I love helping people and problem solving. Making tenants feel happy, comfortable and welcome simply makes my day. And ensuring that owners are happy knowing that I have everything under control and they have a happy tenant in their rental is my top priority.”

“RIF is a fast-paced environment”, she adds, “but our team is great and always willing to lend a hand or some helpful advice.”

Property Management Division Manager Vera Sal feels the same way.

“I love the satisfaction of providing the best customer service for both owners and tenants. That little thank you from a client and a smile on their face goes a long way! Also knowing that I can share over 12 years of my experience with other agents makes me happy.”

She also agrees with Nicole that RIF is a great place to work.

“We are one big family here at RIF. Real estate services have a lot of moving parts and those parts align nicely when one establishes a great relationship with co-workers, both on a professional and personal level. We are all hard-workers but we know how to have fun too, with regular corporate parties, outings and charitable events.”

Happy clients

All of this makes for some very happy clients. Our property management team in Toronto frequently receives warm words from owners who are more than pleased with the service we provide.

One such example is an owner whose property was recently hit with a water leak. He emailed to say that he received ‘tremendous support and communication’ from Nicole, despite the fact the leak occurred in the early hours of the morning.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about how our property management team in Toronto can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us at Rent it Furnished.

Written by Lottie Laken