Meet Our Property Manager, Heather Wood

Property Manager, Heather WoodHeather Wood is an enthusiastic and experienced Property Manager here at Rent it Furnished Realty. Heather’s involvement with Rent it Furnished began in 2009, and her wealth of diverse experience and passion for customer service has been a valued contribution to the company ever since.

For much of her career, Heather was an arts administrator at the executive level. She worked for the CBC in Radio Music, the Toronto Children’s Chorus, and a chamber music concert society in Halifax. These positions have taken her all over the world to work with internationally renowned conductors, composers, and musicians, often coordinating schedules and travel accommodations. With regards to her career in general, Heather states: “I am passionate about working with people and making a difference in their daily lives—this has always been the focus of my career.” When she moved to Vancouver three years ago, Heather worked as a concierge for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. “I absolutely loved it,” she says. “It was a great opportunity for me to utilize and execute my customer service skills. This has transferred into what I am currently doing and what I enjoy most.”

In June 2009, Erika Weimer founded Rent it Furnished Inc. Heather was one of two Property Managers initially hired to work with Erika and grow Rent it Furnished’s client base and the company as a whole. Heather maintains: “What I love most about this job is the interaction with clients—both tenants and property owners—because they’re all really interesting. Since I enjoyed customer service so much during the Olympics, and excelled at it, I’m glad to have found another opportunity to be in that role and to continue broadening my horizons.” When asked about the best neighbourhoods for renting in Vancouver, Heather says, “I have a lot of discussions with people about Gastown and Tinseltown. There are some great buildings and new developments around there with funky, loft-style suites. Main Street South is also continuing to change and is becoming more upscale.”

Having lived and worked all over the world, one of Heather’s personal goals is to give back to the community. She explains: “I’ve seen quite a lot of poverty in my travels—particularly in Africa where I had the opportunity to visit twice, as well as the Caribbean and eastern Europe. I’d love to be able to help women become more independent, and to contribute to education programs for children, which is such a key thing for some of these communities.” Rent it Furnished Realty has a newly established charity initiative and Heather has been playing a key role in getting this off the ground. We adopted a family for the holidays through the Salvation Army this past December and Heather made a personal contribution, in addition to the contributions of the company. She is also passionate about physical fitness, flora and fauna, horse-riding, and the animal kingdom in general. “I have read quite a bit about the psyche of the animal world and find opportunities to be outside in nature as much as possible.”

Both on a professional and personal level, Heather is an fundamental member of the team at Rent it Furnished Realty, says company founder, Erika Weimer. “We have received many emails and calls from our clients praising Heather’s commitment and great work ethic. When flowers arrive at our office, they are usually for Heather for a job well done!” With regards to the rest of the team here at Rent it Furnished Realty, Heather shares: “We have developed a great work environment that embraces a cooperative team with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The contrast of personalities complements the team dynamics and our ability to work effectively together.” Contact Heather for more information on listing or renting a Vancouver furnished rental.