Rent it Furnished in the spotlight during CTV News story on payment partner RentMoola

Heather Wood Talking about Rent it Furnished Partnership with Rentmoolah on CTV Interview Last month CTV Vancouver came by our office to discuss Rent it Furnished’s partnership with RentMoola.

RentMoola is an online payment network that brings paperless payments to the real estate industry. The article written by CTV News discusses their business and the benefits of using the system. RentMoola partners with credit and debit agencies and property management companies. Rent it Furnished was mentioned as a RentMoola client, and asked about our experience with Vancouver apartment rentals and the conveniences of these online payments.

Heather Wood, one of our licenced property managers that has been with the company since 2010, was our spokesperson for this

Rent it Furnished Vancouver Luxury Rentals - CTV Vancouver News Story

interview. Heather discussed how easy it is for our clients to use RentMoola’s payment process and how our clients benefit from it. “It’s an automatic, simple, no fuss process” Heather mentioned in the interview. It’s easy for our renters to use without the hassle of having them write their landlords monthly cheques.

This online payment option should work towards making those paper transactions a thing of the past. Not to mention it’s a step in a more environmentally friendly direction. It’s a great thing for Rent it Furnished as lots of our clients are coming in from out of town for monthly rentals, and they don’t need the hassle of handwriting and mailing a cheque.

Rent it Furnished is excited to continue working with RentMoola to ensure payment processes go smoothly for all of our clients.

Check out the CTV News clip and article here!