RIF Welcomes Heather to the Property Management Team


Having spent eight years with us as a leasing agent, last month Heather Wood made a move and joined our property management division in Vancouver.

Heather is a well-known figure in Vancouver’s rental industry, and although we won’t name our celebrity clients, has helped some very influential and famous people find homes in our beautiful city.

Another set of Heather’s fans, our property owners, are now excited to have her in charge of the management of their incredible homes.

The RIF approach

Heather is a celebrated addition to our busy property management team. Providing full property management services to owners of furnished and unfurnished rental properties, she will now be bringing her talents to everything that needs to happen before and after placing a tenant. And yes, we mean everything!

As a Property Manager with RIF, you screen prospective tenants, prepare the paperwork, organize emergency repairs, handle day-to-day queries, liaise with the strata, collect rents, pay expenses, manage trust accounts…and so the list goes on!

But it’s the way we do this that really sets us apart.

At RIF our leasing and property management teams are separate divisions, working in tandem. When you hire RIF, you hire an entire team with every member playing to their individual strengths and expertise. Instead of having one appointed Realtor doing everything from creating ads to leasing and emergency management, we we separate these tasks into specialized divisions and teams that work together.

The RIF team approach means that like the rest of our property managers, Heather is not solely responsible for her duties. Everyone in the department, including the division manager, knows exactly what is happening with her properties and can step in without missing a beat.

That’s where our sophisticated ERP system really comes into its own. Everything is logged, from emails to phone calls, and can be accessed at any time by any other agent in that division. This is so beneficial for our clients, as there isn’t just one person who’s fully up-to-date on their property – everyone in the entire department is.

So, what does life look like for Heather now?

Life as a RIF property manager

Our unique team approach has made us one of the leading brokerage’s in the city. In fact, we’re so popular that we’re in need of another property manager.

So what might a day in the life of a RIF property manager look like? Well you would be:

  • Working closing with the leasing team to ensure that any upcoming vacant properties are properly priced and presented to our prospective tenants.
  • Ensuring all inventory is accounted for, the property is ready for rent and sparkling with fresh linens and a superb professional clean.
  • Always on call for emergencies (thankfully we don’t have too many of those, which is a testament to how well the suites are set up prior to occupancy.)
  • Always working in the ERP system, which keeps you totally connected to what’s going on in the other departments.
  • Getting involved with our investment real estate team, working with buyers of rental property and contributing to their purchasing decisions by ensuring they are fully in the know about how a property would perform in the rental market.

Vera Sal, who heads up the property management team in Vancouver, offered yet more insight.

“First and foremost, this job is so rewarding”, she says. “Every day you get to work with expensive properties and meet people from different industries, from actors to CEOs of large corporations.”

“It’s also a challenge because you have to wear different hats. One moment you might be doing admin, then the next you’re helping a tenant to operate a TV, then negotiating a lease term with an owner. You also have to be good with computers, since the majority of our work is done online or with help of our ERP/CRM system.”

“It’s a fast-paced environment but you work with a great support team, including leasing agents who bring in new business, and a marketing team that creates beautiful write ups.”

She added that RIF also offers fantastic opportunities for professional growth. “We provide training and mentorship” she said. “And we don’t only work hard, we also play hard, with great social events throughout the year!”

Join us

If you’re interested in becoming Rent it Furnished’s next property manager, we want to hear from you! This is an exciting position with many opportunities for growth, along with exposure to three incredibly exciting areas of real estate: leasing, property management and investment real estate. Take a look at the online job listing or contact us directly for more information.

As Heather’s position is yet to be filled, we’re also on the hunt for another leasing agent. Again, we invite you to apply online, or contact us directly for more information.

Written by Lottie Laken