Toronto: Highlights

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There is countless reason why locals are devoted Torontonians and countless more why it is one of the best places to live in the world- that’s not just the opinions of locals and Canadians either, find out why Toronto ranks as a world-class city and if you’re thinking about moving to Toronto, this will seal the deal.

There’s a city underneath the city

There’s no doubt that Toronto experiences some brutally cold winters and one way this city has employed its ingenuity with its development of PATH– the city underneath the city.  PATH offers a safe haven from the cold winter months and the humidity in the summer. Over 200,000 commuters use PATH in a single business day and the underground city connects to public transit and over 50 business buildings including the iconic Royal Bank PlazaScotia PlazaRichmond Adelaide Centre, and more.

Not only does PATH offer convenience and reprieve from some harsh weather, but it also boasts an incredible 30 plus kilometers of shopping and entertainment making it the Guinness World Record holder for the largest shopping complex in the world. For sporting events and tourist attractions PATH also connects The Hockey Hall of FameThe Air Canada CentreRogers CentreThe CN Tower.

It is Multicultural

In true Canadian fashion, Torontonians embrace their motto, “Diversity is our strength’. Not only is this city as friendly as any other Canadian city, but you can meet people from all over the world- from some of the historic immigrant communities that have spent decades in the city to international travellers in for a holiday or nearby New York – another multicultural haven.

With no shortage of cultural diversity find neighborhoods like Greektown, Koreantown, Little India and six Chinatowns. Thanks to this beautiful diverse city, Toronto is also privy to an enviable world class food scene with a wide range of cuisines.

The Best Food in the World

Arguably one of Canada’s most eclectic and enviable food centric cities, Toronto has some bragging rights. Canada’s Top 100 Best restaurants in 2018 gave Alo the prestigious first place, Buca Yorkville took fourth place and other local restaurants boast the prestigious honor of making the top 100, like well known Canoe and Edulis. Outside of the fine dining scene, scope out the cities best, including St. Lawrence Market– named the best food market in the world by National Geographic and of course the plethora of casual fare from the cities exquisite multicultural menu.


Thriving Neighborhoods

The Greater Toronto Area has 230 neighborhoods, each one boasting its own unique character, style and architecture allowing you to connect to the perfect one for you. From the bustling downtown area with its own distinct neighborhoods like the Entertainment District, the Annex or  Yorkville, to Scarborough in the East or Etobicoke in the West, you will definitely find your place.

Toronto has the Most Sports Teams in Canada

While Canadians all know hockey is the sport to follow, Toronto not only boasts The Maple Leafs but also Canada’s only NBA team the Toronto Raptors, If that isn’t enough, catch up with MLB and The Toronto Blue Jays.

Global Business and Finance Center

Home to The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), Toronto is also a major city for global finance and business. Toronto has also become an attractive place for entrepreneurs to start businesses, thanks to this, it has become Canada’s number 1 startup hub city.

Art and Music Scene

Offering a top-notch performing arts from ballet to Opera, to musical theater and live music, Toronto puts on world-class productions for many different tastes. When it comes to live music, Toronto can add this to its extensive list of bonuses with major outdoor acts to intimate and interactive concerts in a variety of genres and venues.

Convenient Travel and Getaways

Toronto living offers convenient travel access to multiple amazing destinations. Amazing cities like New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and Detroit can be reached with short plane rides making weekend get-a-ways easy.

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