Vancouver Gets its Very Own East Village

East Vancouver Hastings-Sunrise

Image by: Adam Blasberg

As you may have noticed, the once 12 block long strip of Hastings-Sunset has been renamed The East Village, in efforts to improve 1 of 22 Vancouver’s Business Improvement Areas. While some are griping about the correlation of the reference to New York City’s East Village, local business owners and condo developers are reaping the benefits.

Re-branding this neighborhood has attracted new bistros, eateries, taverns and affordable real estate for new residents and visitors, as you can see in this current Hastings-Sunrise furnished apartment rental.

While the controversy of the names origins remains, with some wondering if there’s preexisting influences because of the knowledge of New York City, the East Village is looking to stay true to their vintage neighborhood character of “being friendly and knowing everybody, even a lot by name.”

The goal is to remove the stigma that is attached to East Hastings and build a meaning of Vancouver’s very own, unifying the old establishments and welcoming new businesses with open arms.

The initiative has taken flight largely in part by the installation of new city banners that hang throughout the new proclaimed village. It’s a minor move, but one that has effectively changed the landscape of the former Vancouver district.

The rest of the city has continued in the same fashion, including Chinatown, West End, Commercial Drive and Yaletown, with the growth of these areas are showing its effect.

To the run of the mill Vancouverite, the previous Hastings-Sunrise will remain a fond memory to some, while others will view the rebirth as a chance to claim the new village as a fresh start in this finest changing neighborhood.

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