Rent it Furnished Realty has built a reputation as a leader in the investment real estate market in Vancouver, B.C.  Our experience and insights into rental properties provide a valuable resource to investors who call on us regularly for advice on investment purchases. Our buyers are specifically interested in rental properties, especially those which are already being rented in the general Vancouver area. Properties of interest to our buyers can be furnished or unfurnished, rented or vacant.

Rent it Furnished Investment Realty has unique expertise in the purchase, sale and rental of investment properties, and our buyers are continuously looking for properties which we can recommend and are familiar with. If you own a rental property which you may consider selling, please contact us to discuss our marketing and sales strategies. Even if you currently live in your property, but feel it may appeal to an investor, please contact us for a valuation.

All consultations are free of charge and an experienced investment realtor will do a competitive analysis for you. Being included in our investment portfolio and listed on our site is easy, simple and requires no complicated commitment. Full MLS listings and services are also available.