Working with a Licensed Investment Team increases your ROI

RIF Realty brings a team approach to real estate investing. We understand there’s more to purchasing an investment property than loving the kitchen and living room views — there are important legal and financial considerations, and with our extensive market experience, we know exactly what they are. Working with our team of specialized realtors, leasing agents and experienced property managers, we ensure that all aspects of investing will be outlined for you.

What is the RIF Investment Method?

We believe successful real estate investing is a team effort. A dedicated and fully integrated team of agents will be working with you throughout the entire process. This team includes a specialized investment realtor, a licensed leasing agent, and a licensed property manager. Together, this team works closely with you to evaluate the rental potential and pricing options for each property. We provide you with real statistics on short term vs. annual leases, furnished vs. unfurnished suites and outline what items may be included in rental costs. As a team, we help you narrow down your purchasing options and complete the sale. Once you take possession, your leasing agent and property manager are on standby to take over and deliver your desired plan.

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Your Dedicated Team

We specialize in securing the return on your investment property. RIF’s investment realtors are given exclusive training and resources to ensure they have current information that only active leasing agents and property managers would know. Our realtors understand the fine details of the market — what’s moving, which buildings are quick to rent, which aren’t, and why. We have lengthy industry experience in property management services and over 2,000 rental properties in our roster.

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We Manage your Investment’s Future

After your purchase is complete, your licensed leasing agent is ready to take over the management of your suite and ensure it is successfully rented. Our property managers continue to evaluate your property for rental increases and changes in demand, while your investment realtor provides valuable advice on opportunities to either purchase or sell, based on your personal investment criteria and portfolio plan. The whole team remains with you for as long as you feel we are valuable.

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