Design Inspirations for your Furnished Apartment Rental

Design Matters for Vancouver Apartment RentalsAre you having trouble renting your furnished apartment in Vancouver or securing the type of tenant you want? There are a number of variables that may be contributing to your struggle, including location, pricing, time of year, what is included /not included, and a variety of other elements. Some of these circumstances, such as location and time of year, simply are what they are and you need to find a way to work with it. Other elements are entirely within your control. Consider the interior design and presentation of your furnished apartment rental. With tasteful, intelligent design and well-chosen decor, your apartment is almost guaranteed to rent itself.

Start by putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal tenant. Take a moment and walk through your suite as though you’re viewing it for the first time. What is your first impression? Does it feel like somewhere you want to live? Are the furnishings and decor well situated to facilitate comfort and flow? Does the kitchen or bathroom appear too cluttered? By looking at your suite with fresh eyes, it may quickly become obvious why potential tenants haven’t been lining up to sign a lease.

We have done a bit of digging and found some great local designers and websites to inspire you. Whether you’re interested in sustainable design and green business practices, or want to investigate DIY projects to revamp your suite on a budget, the websites below have something for everyone.

Rent it Furnished recently worked with Negar Reihani at Space Harmony to stage this incredible luxury penthouse for sale at 1006 Beach Avenue. Negar’s expertise and keen eye for interior design has boosted the value and appeal of this already prestigious property, which is also available as a furnished apartment rental.

Patricia Gray Inc is an internationally acclaimed design firm based in Vancouver, BC. A recent blog post on her website called Let There Be Light discusses how the right lighting directly affects the atmosphere in your home (and is where the magic happens).

The designers at New Leaf Interior Design are LEEDS accredited design professionals who are committed to sustainable design and the highest level of craftsmanship. Take a look at some of their inspired residential projects.

Sublime Interior Design offers full interior design and decor services for the residential market in Vancouver. They have a reputation for cutting edge design and personalized service that meets the needs of each individual client and space.

Dean and Shannon Acheson run {aka} design, which is teeming with thrifty design finds, organization ideas, and affordable DIY projects. If you’re renovating or redesigning on a budget, this will be a great resource for you.

Design Sponge is another fantastic website with a plethora of design-related resources for you. This Before & After Full Home Transformation is an effective visual example of the difference good design can make.

At Rent it Furnished Realty, we offer both tenant placement and full property management services where we can help you furnish or stage your suite in order to optimize your rental pricing and attract the ideal tenant. We currently have almost 500 rental properties listed on our website and are experts at renting apartments in Vancouver, BC. Contact us at 604-628-3457 and we’d be happy to discuss any of your interior design or property rental needs.