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Investment Real Estate is our specialty! RIF Realty works exclusively with investment buyers and sellers. Our clients benefit from working with an investment team who can accurately present all options available, as well as a full picture analysis on your investment’s return. We approach real estate investing with business logic and a tactical perspective, supported by a team of leasing and property management professionals. Whether you’re a first time investor or a seasoned professional, we will contribute valuable knowledge of the rental market that can not be replicated by any other brokerage.

We Know Investment Real Estate


Buyers working with us benefit from the collaboration of an integrated investment team and not from the experience of one realtor alone. We carefully analyse your needs, preferences and risk tolerance to establish a realistic picture of investment return from your purchase. For first-time investors and professionals alike, the detailed and real time rental data we offer our clients will be a significant differentiator in your buying decision. Using a traditional realtor to purchase investment property can be a costly mistake. They simply don’t have the data.


RIF Realty knows how to best position your investment property for a successful sale, and this doesn't mean your tenant has to vacate. In fact, we work with investors directly who value your property for the investment it is. Our buyers are looking to take over existing tenancies, furnishings and management contracts. Transactions between investors are often seamless and hassle free, allowing for a quick and easy transition for all - including your existing tenant. Your property is often sold as it is and sometimes unseen. Investment real estate is our speciality.


We fully manage your investment’s future. Your dedicated investment team includes a specialized realtor, a licensed leasing agent, and a licensed property manager. Together, this team will continue to work closely with you to execute your investment strategy and provide the leasing and property management you require. We handle all of your rental and property management concerns while keeping you up to date on market fluctuations and the monthly performance of your investment. The whole team remains with you providing you with valuable market updates on a consistent basis.

A Complete Service Offering for Investors

Our licensed team advises you not only on the sales transaction, but on all rental considerations, leasing options and ROI performances based on your personal goals. Our services don’t end with the purchase or sale of your investment property. We are here to handle the complete cycle of your investment, which includes your leasing strategy and full rental management. Whether your property is furnished or unfurnished, short-term or an annual lease, we have the market experience to deliver.

What makes RIF a Powerful Brokerage?

Rent it Furnished was established in July of 2009 and now represents over 4,000 rental properties. Our market presence and significant investment in sophisticated ERP and database technology allows us to provide investment clients with real, relevant and by-the-minute data that all investors should be using to make investment decisions. The right data makes a big difference to investors and we offer a full analysis of current rental prices, the difference between furnished and unfurnished rental income, and short term vs. long-term leases. We’ll help you determine how all these factors affect your immediate bottom line and your eventual exit strategy. This is investment real estate and this is what we do!

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