Empty Homes meet the Empty Homes Tax starting July 1, 2017


The long threatened Empty Homes Tax is now a reality for all property owners in Vancouver, BC. As Vancouver home owners, you have until July 1st to get your property rented in order to avoid paying a hefty tax. Any vacant residential homes that are not occupied by a tenant by July 1, 2017 and remain tenanted for the remainder of the year will be taxed 1% of the assessed value for that year. If you’re facing this extra tax, we have the solution for you!

When it comes to rentals, and especially to the rental of furnished luxury homes, we know how to help you to fill your rental quickly. From Tenant Placement to Full Property Management, we can offer you a tailored solution that works best for you. Our tenants are looking for short term and long term options, furnished and unfurnished properties and we can easily help you find a solution that allows you to enjoy your home for part of the year while qualifying you as an exception for the Empty Homes Tax.

It’s not too late to act and avoid the 2017 vacant home tax. Call us to discuss your situation with an experienced licensed agent.


Written by Kirsti Heitz