Open House – A Day in the Life of a Rent It Furnished Leasing Agent

Rent it Furnished Leasing Agents

We talk about real estate and property management often throughout our blog; however, today we’re going to give you a glimpse of a typical day in the life of a leasing agent.

The morning starts off with an iPhone session replying to a full inbox from overnight. As a connection between owners and potential renters, a speedy reply is always an essential trait to have to keep on top of everything.

Breakfast usually comes secondary, and before you know it, it’s time to head out the door. Making time to grab a quick bite is vital for the fully booked day ahead.

After arriving in the office with a coffee in hand, we turn on the computer, leading to another collection of inquires and requests to go along with any calls dispersed from the night before.

Feeling like you just sat down, it’s time to head out to showings throughout our city, beautiful Vancouver. The GPS that was once an essential tool for navigating from building to building, is now left at home as the downtown grid has become more familiar than the back of our hands. The first appointment of the day is a stunning luxury penthouse with a breathtaking view, overlooking the water. Don’t want to keep my prospective clients, a Vancouver A-list couple waiting!

When one deal closes, another opens. No time to celebrate, its off to another appointment with a new owner in their show ready property. New talent noted, all leasing agents are great amateur photographers! Catching a gorgeous suite in the right frame will do wonders for catching a potential tenant’s attention.

After completing our contracts and signing the dotted lines, it’s back to the office to finalize the paperwork. After submitting the file to our assistant, the listing is fully marketed and hits the open market.

Unsuspectingly, the day has flown by, and so have dozens of missed calls and unread emails. With more than 1,000 suites being viewed through our online inventory, keeping everyone on the same page is crucial.

After an action-packed day, the job doesn’t stop once we’re out of the office. Continually responding to our clients past our standard work hours into the wee hours of the evening guarantees saved time and both parties coming out pleased.

The life of a Leasing Agent isn’t as glamorous as it’s usually painted out to be, but it is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling professions. We find nothing more satisfying then helping connect tenants to homeowners while creating long lasting relationships. Meeting fascinating, unique people from all walks of life makes everyday a breath of fresh air. At times, viewings and appointments can get cancelled in a moment’s notice, but being able to react positively to reschedule are just some of the most important qualities possessed by our agents. Although perseverance and hard work are definitely key factors with our team here at Rent it Furnished, we always find time to enjoy ourselves over dining out for a meal and glass of wine.

At the end of the day, happy client, happy life!

We are always looking to add motivated and top-notch leasing agents to our team, if this is something that appeals to you, please submit your resume to