Full Disclosure: Rent it Furnished opens up about their Property Management Services in Vancouver and now, Toronto!

Part 1

There is a lot of talk, and controversy, about the furnished rental market in both Vancouver and Toronto. And a lot more talk about the do’s and don’ts of Property management, especially in furnished, short term rentals. We want to open up about Rent it Furnished, our leasing business and mostly about the launch of our Full Property Management Division in TO!

As is evident in our name, when it comes to properties we Rent it Furnished! But there is a lot more to RIF than can be inferred by our name. First of all, we also rent unfurnished properties, represent about 2000 rentals in three cities, and we provide Vancouver and Toronto with Full Property Management for luxury condos, apartments and townhomes.

Starting December 1st, Torontonians will also be able to benefit from our many years of experience as luxury Property Managers in Vancouver where we represent almost 1700 beautiful rental suites. Our experience and expansive website have enabled us to develop a niche in the rental market that puts our clients ahead of the curve and in front of a lot of tenant applications. Our tenants don’t only rent in one city, but use our network of listings in Vancouver, Toronto and New York as they travel and relocate from city to city.

So, what do we do differently? Aside from our executive and corporate tenant network across North America, for starters, we utilize a team approach to ensure your suite gains the most market exposure. Then we use a unique division of duties among our staff to ensure that each aspect of the rental process is being performed by someone with the relevant expertise.

There’s a lot that sets us apart as the industry leader, so here it is, full disclosure: Part 1

Why you should give Rent it Furnished a try at Managing your Property, Furnished, or Unfurnished.

Rent It Furnished Property Management in Toronto


  • Our network of business and executive tenants span from the west to the east coast (including Vancouver, Toronto and New York) and we’re expanding to more cities. We will get your rental property in front of the most renters with roughly 250,000 monthly page views to our website from across the globe. We know that tenants who rent luxury furnished apartments in Vancouver also travel to Toronto and New York, and we can help our clients in every city we service!
  • We know the market price of your rental; short term, seasonal and long term, furnished and unfurnished. How do we know that? Because we facilitate hundreds of rentals a month which gives us a very precise pricing model depending on seasonality, demand, and what specific term restrictions apply to your property. Our experienced agents give you the facts to help you position your property correctly within your individual circumstances and preferences. Pricing your suite right is one of the three determining factors in avoiding vacancy, and we have that part completely handled. We also handle the other 2 factors expertly (Stay tuned for part 2 on more details to what these are!)
  • We have a very effective team approach that ensures your suite gains the most market exposure and lands before every interested renter, regardless of who your Listing Agent is! At Rent it Furnished our leasing agents work in a team, incentivizing all our agents equally for the rental of any of our properties. Every Leasing agent has access to show and rent any of our rental listings, which is a great benefit to our clients. You only need to work with one person but all of our agents will be presenting your property to their prospective tenants. This means you gain the experience and the efforts of an entire team, not just the one agent who has come to list your suite for rent.
  • Out team approach also perfectly supports our unique division of departments and tasks, ensuring that every staff member is working to their expertise and talents. We divide and conquer our tasks differently from any other brokerage or agency. At Rent it Furnished, you are hiring a team of specialists who are all experts at what they do. We don’t believe that your listing agent is the best person to represent you in a tenant dispute, or that your property manager is best suited to write your advertising copy. This type of service is often provided by stand-alone realtors and most other brokerages, where every agent is running an individual business by themselves and for themselves. That’s not how we approach our client services at Rent it Furnished. Instead, we have ensured that everyone works to their strengths, and as a team, each department serves you in the best possible way. Leasing understands pricing and interfaces with tenants, Marketing writes your property advertising campaigns, Property Management takes care of your tenancies and Accounting prepares your monthly financial statements. We ensure that everyone is specialized in their task and as a team, we provide you with the best possible service in Leasing and Property Management.

Rent it Furnished was founded in Vancouver in July 2009 and we are very excited about our growth and the launch of our Property Management Division in Toronto. Although we are a fully licensed brokerage in Vancouver only, Toronto operations and accounting practices will be fully modelled after our success story in Vancouver where we are industry leaders and currently operating as a fully licensed brokerage providing Leasing, Property Management and Investment Real Estate Trading Services. This means that your rental proceeds and other client funds are held in Trust accounts and all of our trades are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are here to provide top of the line property management services to the fully furnished market, as well as to long term rentals in Toronto. And, we want to work with you!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog and for information on how we work. To hire our team to help you with your vacancy or management needs, please contact our Toronto Office located at 500 King Street, 3rd Floor in Toronto.