You Have A Place, and You Want to Rent it Furnished?


A hot renters market, booming tourism and the rising popularity of websites like Airbnb and have peaked property owners’ interest in renting out their furnished homes to make some extra cash. Whether it’s a 1 bedroom apartment, penthouse condo or luxurious townhouse, there is a market for every type of rental no matter if it’s furnished or unfurnished for that matter. Although, renting out your property can be very lucrative income stream, it can also look lot easier than it really is. But don’t get us wrong, if you do it right renting can be a breeze! It’s getting all the important elements right that makes the difference, and we’re here to help.

Looking up apartment rentals
1) Everyone’s doing it
So, you’ve heard all the hype about owners making some serious money renting out their furnished properties. Perhaps you’re leaving on an extended trip or thinking of moving but don’t want to sell your current property, so naturally you’re intrigued by the idea and you should be. How exciting! You clean up your place and snap a few pictures, you think of how much money you want (or need) to make and decide on a price. Now, where to list? You try every free website out there, and maybe even pay some listings fees upfront to get your suite in front of all the prospective tenants out there.


Looking at furnished apartment rentals
2) Where are all the good tenants?
It’s been a day and you’ve had no inquiries. Where is the flood of prospecting tenants? You give it a week and anxiety starts to sink in. What if you can’t rent it out at all? Why aren’t people interested in your unit? Another week goes by and you’re utterly disappointed. This seemingly simple task now seems absolutely daunting. The calls you’re getting (at all hours of the night) just want to rent for a few days or a week. How about those inquiries for 5 people in a 1 bedroom? Definitely not! Maybe you have to consider a price reduction? Larger advertising budget? Daily rentals? That’s such a hassle and Airbnb has been outlawed in my building. What do I do? How do I find a great corporate tenant who wants to stay for a few months or more? Help!


Rent It Furnished Apartment Rentals
3) There is this Company…

You won’t be defeated that easily. You take a look around at your competition and realize you need help, help that specializes in finding you this perfect tenant you now need, immediately! Isn’t there some kind of company that does this? Can someone help determine why a suite is not attracting the right attention? In the world of luxury rentals, the largest rental company focusing on the furnished rental market is, you guessed it, Rent It Furnished. We send out one of our specialized leasing agents to assess your property, take pictures and help you with setting your price exactly right. Then, we market your listings to our amazing renters, totally free of charge. A flame of hope burns inside you as your agent now explains exactly what needs to be done to get your property rented. They also screen these tenant inquiries, organize all the showings, present you with amazing offers and there’s no upfront fees at all!


Apartment Rental Agreement Key Hand-off
4) Now that was easy!

The day has come! You’ve been presented with some great tenants that fit your actual criteria, you’ve proudly shown off your rental and have finally decided on the perfect match. You haven’t even thought of all the technicalities that come with writing a lease, but don’t worry! Our leasing agent is there to hold your hand throughout the entire process and comes prepared with a professional lease agreement. You dot the i’s, cross the t’s and voila, you have successfully rented out your property. Now that was easy and yes, there was a small fee attached to completing the lease with us, but only if we found you the tenant you wanted! If you’re wondering if full property management comes with this deal, it can. Rent it Furnished will be offering full Property Management Services in Toronto by the summer of 2016 and is the leading Property Management Company for furnished rentals in Vancouver, BC.


House Rental
5) Do it all Over Again

Whether you rented out your property on a short or longer term, sooner or later you will have to do the entire process all over again. Before you even think about an upcoming vacancy, your agent has already contacted you with some great tenants. To make your life even easier, we streamline all inquiries and can complete all the showings without you needing to be present. You simply approve the application of the tenant you want.

So, yes, renting can be a breeze! And if you don’t believe us, check out the testimonials of our clients online and on our website. List with us in Vancouver , Toronto and New York for free or check out for more information.

Written by Kirsti Heitz