60 West Cordova, Vancouver

60 West Cordova

60 West Cordova is a 10-storey building that was built in collaboration to provide a unique and inclusive option for affordable housing. Vertical columns that depict people supporting each other illuminate at night to provide a public art component. This building also includes retail spaces on street level that attribute to the revitalization of the area.

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66 West Cordova Street, #711

Unfurnished 2 Bed  2 Bath  Condo
Gastown –Jun 1, 2018



66 West Cordova, #606

Furnished 1 Bed  1 Bath  Condo
Gastown –Feb 1, 2019


66 West Cordova, #606

Unfurnished 1 Bed  1 Bath  Condo
Gastown –Feb 1, 2019




66 West Cordova Street, #1006

Furnished 1 Bed  1 Bath  Sub Penthouse
Gastown –Rented