Rent it Furnished represents the largest inventory of luxury furnished rental properties in Canada. We’re consistently ranked first in our industry — here’s why.

Whether you’re renting furnished or unfurnished, an agent’s expertise is invaluable. Rent it Furnished provides the market insights that make profitable investments and place satisfied tenants.

Located in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, our business has roots in the luxury rental market and a deep understanding of the specifics that signify quality and excellence in residences. We offer qualified agents with comprehensive experience and a history of delivering optimal results.

At Rent it Furnished we connect tenants with owners of luxury properties and also provide full property management for non-resident investors or owners and offer critical expertise in the buying and selling of Montreal investment real estate. With our specialized knowledge, we’ll aid you in gaining the perfect tenant, rental property, or investment.

Our Property Finding & Consulting Services are 100% Free to Tenants.

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